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The Country Wife, Act IV

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Fans of random facts will adore this new podcast from Slate. On each episode, host Willa Paskin examines a nagging question, idea, or object and figures out its history and background as well as why it's become ubiquitous in our culture. Topics can include ice cream trucks, our collective fascination with Jennifer Anniston, throw pillows, and so much more. You'll find yourself turning into that person at parties who always says, "Did you know When you need a moment of zen but can't spare much more than that, Becoming Wise is the podcast for you.

It "offers depth and discovery in the time it takes to make a cup of tea," according to its tagline, and it actually lives up to that promise. This podcast touches on some of the world's biggest questions and will lead you to think deeply but briefly, to broaden your horizons without taking up your whole afternoon. Anyone who says women aren't funny will rethink their position after they try this hilarious and unique interview podcast.

Comedian Lauren Lapkus invites funny friends on the show and then flips the script on the traditional talk show, by pretending she's the guest and they're the host. It's part improv comedy, part interview, and totally hysterical. You'll need a Stitcher account to binge listen to old episodes, but you can find new ones on Spotify. Your mom may have taught you not to talk about these very topics in polite company but that's what this podcast is for.

Host Anna Sale brings on smart and entertaining guests who go deep on the stuff we don't usually talk about. And don't let the title fool you, it's actually both funny and informative and you'll learn fresh perspectives on tough subjects, from honest people who have been there before.

If you enjoy thoroughly reported true crime and dedicated gumshoe journalism, In the Dark is for you. This Peabody Award-winning podcast investigates law enforcement and the criminal justice system by going deep on a different case each season. The first season investigated the kidnapping and death of year-old Jacob Wetterling and the second, the case of Curtis Flowers, who was tried six times for the same murder.

Both are excellent. Nicole Byer, like many of us, has not yet found love and not for a lack of trying! But unlike you and me, she made a podcast about it. This gut-busting conversation show tackles topics like her green-card marriage, how she deals with inevitable dry spells, and the many trials and tribulations of the modern dating scene.


Woman! There Is No Time to Be Squeamish by Karen V. Penn

Fans of Byer's sometimes R-rated comedy will get a kick out of this podcast, but it's definitely not for kids so save this one for some adult time. She said it herself: Anna Faris is in no position to give anyone relationship advice. And yet, here we are. Using her years of life experience and that of her guests, Anna brings funny and relatable tips on relationships, love, life, and whatever comes up in conversation. Despite the title, and Anna's total lack of credentials, this podcast is actually super insightful.

As women over 30, hosts Doree Shafrir and Kate Spencer didn't see themselves represented in the mainstream media, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. Through this podcast, the authors and journalists talk about the things that matter to them like beauty, wellness, and living as women. It's delightfully relatable and you may pick up a few tips as you listen. We've all been in that situation: Someone asks how you are and you say "fine," even though that couldn't be further from the truth.

The camera stays on Boyce as the engines fail and people get their faces blown off all around him, creating a true sense of danger; when he jumps out from the flaming plane, the camera accompanies him on the chaotic journey through the air and into the ocean, a trip he's very lucky to survive. It really does take a long time to get to the full-blown Nazi zombies -- this is, after all, a movie produced by J. The first hint we get that something is amiss well, amiss beyond the fact that the French village is occupied by Nazis is from the bleating noise and screams that come from an upstairs bedroom in the home of Chloe Mathilde Ollivier , the feisty French girl hosting the surviving American soldiers.

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Chloe tells the men that her grandmother is sick, which is technically true, though we know from the start that it's not a cough or even tuberculosis that she's suffering. A quick peek through a door left ajar confirms our suspicions; grandma's back, while grey and pale, is absolutely jacked, like an Olympic swimmer. We've seen plenty of monsters, but seeing a supposedly feeble grandmother looking like that is particularly jarring.

The Opening Skydive

Once we discover that these Nazis are running mysterious, sci-fi Mengele experiments on dead people, the whole thing starts to get really graphic. We see a variety of corpses at various points of demonic transformation, the most disturbing of which is a woman's screaming head attached only to her severed, naked spinal column. It's at this point that we realize just how serious and devious these particular Nazis are as if we should have doubted it at all.

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It's one thing to watch a stranger's severed head screeching in a dank lab; it's another when you see a friend being put through unspeakable torture. One of Boyce's fellow GIs, a guy named Rosenfeld, was captured by the Germans after the crash, and when Boyce finds him in the evil Frankenstein lab, he is True, he's alive and his body is still intact, so he has that going for him, but there's a giant needle pumping mysterious chemicals into his gut. The thing looks more like a giant firehose from the outside and when Boyce pulls it out of his buddy, it's horrifying to watch -- the needle couldn't be embedded any deeper into Rosenfeld's gut, and you can somehow feel the pain of its release right along with him.

Finally, after nearly an hour, we learn what these devious mad scientists are doing on behalf of the Fuhrer.

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The " Year Reich" needs year soldiers, which means creating an army of almost-immortal demon hordes. Our first full look at the super-zombies comes at the expense of one of the few remaining American soldiers, a dorky and earnest photographer named Chase. He's shot and killed by a German, so out of desperation, Boyce gives him an injection of the mysterious orange serum he stole from the Nazi labs.