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One area that hasn't really been reviewed is the debris field, which is about five square kilometers large. When a ship goes down, the heaviest thing like the hull and the boilers drop really fast. But other items like deck chairs or couches or people fall slower because they're not as heavy.

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Because of the current, they get pushed out. So there's this huge field where everything from personal effects to actual people ended up after they fell four kilometers through the water. There's a lot to be discovered. A fairly moving thing is that you'll apparently see a lot of pairs of shoes, and the pair of shoes are where people were.

The bodies have decayed but the shoes haven't.

Some of these material decay questions are important for nautical archaeologists. And then just historical questions like what kind of glasses people had and what other artifacts they had. Then there's the biological side. There are several hundred species, many types of bacteria, that have been found to be unique to the Titanic.

They have developed over years and there are things like hagfish and other deep sea invertebrates. I'm sure we will find new life forms when we're down there. No human being has been to the Titanic in person in over 13 years.

The journey on the unsinkable — what AI can learn from the disaster

And it's been nine years since anybody has seen what her condition is. So we have no idea if sections of the hull have decayed and fallen away or if it's very similar to how it was in So I think it's important to go back there. The sooner the better. And our goal is to do it every year, so we don't have these long gaps in the assessment of the condition of the world's most famous shipwreck. Is it true that the Titanic is actually decaying and that there might be nothing left of it in 20 years?

We'll be able to answer that question. It really is difficult. As far as I understand it, the idea that it will be gone in 20 years is based on an assessment of the amount of steel that the microbes down there can eat per day.

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But I don't think anyone really knows if that is a linear function or if it is like with most of these decay things — degradation sort of plateaus once the object has been encased in the bacteria. Nobody really knows the answer to that until you go down and actually get a snapshot with extreme accuracy on its current condition. Then when we go back year to year we'll be able to see that "Hey, the bow is now two millimeters smaller than it was last year!

But I don't think anybody doubts that it is decaying and that at some point it will be gone. Why did you choose the Titanic for this expedition? Rush originally wanted to be a space explorer before he realized the "new frontier" was under the sea.

Tours of the Titanic wreck to cost $168,000 a ticket, hope to bring new life to century-old story

I was really looking at it from a business perspective: What will people want to do that has value doing? And there are wrecks that are more important than the Titanic and less surveyed than the Titanic, but there's nothing even close in awareness. Over the last nine years, everyone who's dove with us in our subs to other wrecks and other sites has said it was the most amazing thing they've ever done. But they didn't know that going in.

So from a business perspective you need that installed base of people who are more passionate than I am about the Titanic, and there's thousands of people who just live and breathe the Titanic because it's such an amazing story. You don't find that with the Bismarck. Is there anything that I haven't asked you that you think people should definitely know about OceanGate's Titanic expedition? Well there's one feature in our sub that everyone asks about, or they do eventually.

They want to know how you go to the bathroom in the sub. The dives are ten to twelve hours long. I started to read people's blog posts about going to the Titanic with the Russians in a small three-person sub. So does this return to movie-making indicate that Cameron has finally got the Titanic out of his system? He reckons so. I've made the decision not to return anymore. We've shed a lot of light on it now, and enough's enough.

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It's time to move on. That does not mean, however, that Cameron will stop being fascinated by this gigantic hulk of metal that has lain rusting on the ocean bed for almost a century. As far as he's concerned, the Titanic spell has not yet been broken. I'm afraid that human nature has not changed much since - if at all! You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

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The wreck of the Titanic is being eaten and may soon vanish

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