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    We spent three days doing it over and over. We had to get the timing exactly right. Then we recorded the music without the vocal so that even though we did a live performance, Phil is singing to a track. But he did sing live. How did you feel around the time of the First Final Farewell tour in —05? I did think he was serious. Retiring from what? Why retire from that? Back in , there was a meeting with Peter about the possibility of doing The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway on a reunion tour.

    Were you aware at the time that was being discussed? I think we were in Glasgow.

    I was sitting in the lobby having a club sandwich at the restaurant bar and they told me they were having this meeting. What were rehearsals for that tour like? We were just going to get together for the week. It was like a pre-rehearsal to see if it was even a possibility. And all the chemistry was there. If felt like it had been 14 months, not 14 years. Did it surprise you that after all these years, you were still playing at places like Giants Stadium? I think it surprised everybody.

    the new artist tuxedo black

    For the longest time I thought that was going to be it, but then I started to get a hint that he was thinking about doing something again. It must be surreal to have him in the band now and doing such a great job. On the —05 tour, there always used to be a little drum kit for little kids set up in a room backstage.

    Oh, yeah, we were all worried about that. You just did a short tour of America last year. Oh, yeah. I think we only did Phil could sing and Nic could play drums. Nic is showing that he can handle it. Yes is able to tour with Steve Howe and a bunch of other people and they draw big crowds. Why not do a tour with you, Chester, Mike, Tony and Steve. Maybe Ray Wilson could sing or some other guest. Yeah, especially if you have Mike and Tony and then Chester and I, who are secondary.

    Why not? In the meantime, you get to be on this amazing tour with Phil, which is something not a lot of people thought would ever happen again.

    All That Remains name Jason Richardson as permanent replacement for late guitarist Oli Herbert

    I feel the same way as I did about the last Genesis tour in See Also. Newswire Powered by. Close the menu. Rolling Stone.

    How to replace a fret.

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