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Serial killers once used the guise of their employment to stalk and acquire specific victims or types of victims Dennis Rader , Roger Kibbe and Bruce Mendenhall all immediately come to mind. But new research suggests that leisure activities like music, including online interactions, may be the new avenue through which serial killers troll for their victims. The result is that we are likely to see, returning once again to alleged Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur , blurred occupational-recreational categories involving both online and offline dimensions — a new paradigm that will force us to adjust the list of the most common jobs among serial killers.

The caveat, of course, is that a single defining occupation is in continuous flux.

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As we begin to redraw the map of serial murder and career paths, it might also be useful to look at the otherwise better-known index of occupations over-represented among psychopaths. While not all psychopaths are serial killers, psychopathy — or at the very least, the possession of psychopathic traits — is a common denominator among serial killers, sex offenders and most violent criminals. Have a look at the Top 10 occupations according to an Oxford University psychologist :. In overlaying the two lists, we can see that even amid a perpetually changing economy, certain jobs are always likely to appeal to those people we will later be stunned to learn managed to carry on that type of work while also being monsters in our midst.

This is a corrected version of a story originally published May 8, The earlier story described Bruce McArthur as a landscape architect instead of a landscaper. Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington. UEA Inaugural lecture: Alternative performance measures: do managers disclose them to inform us, or to mislead us?

Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. DeAngelo fits the profile of the types of professions serial killers and psychopaths are attracted to. Michael Arntfield , Western University. Religious official Obviously, not everyone occupying these jobs is a serial killer, nor are they likely to become one.

Biography of Jeffrey Dahmer, Serial Killer

Pastimes as well as professions? Might it also include an unpaid pastime by which a person defines himself or herself? What about the psychopaths? Have a look at the Top 10 occupations according to an Oxford University psychologist : CEO or business executive Lawyer Media personality Salesperson Surgeon Journalist or news anchor Police officer Religious official Chef Miscellaneous civil servant military, city council, corrections, etc. Break-and-enters are increasingly viewed as a precursor to sexually violent crimes. So why do police forces misclassify and mischaracterize them?

Forensic anthropologist Prof.

America's 'most prolific serial killer' Samuel Little confessed so he could move jails

Kathy Gruspier left is seen with police officers at a Toronto property where alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur worked. The Stayner family had their fair share of rotten luck and Carey took it to another level. Rachel and Kiri discuss his crimes and as usual everything else from cathedrals to hippies. Kiri tells a cracking story about an ex and Rachel says too much as per about what she's been up to lately.

There's also a heated debate about hotel check out. It's a big one. Join comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard Mc-Lean as they explore a shared passion, serial killers, Each episode the pair will talk all things murder and macabre and have a right laugh doing it. This episode has a song that won't catch on and a whole load of dreadful crimes.

Haigh could have been a brilliant man but chose to be a rotter. Rachel and Kiri discuss Haigh but pizza, Brexit and dick make them digress. Suck it. Each episode the pair will discuss all things murder and macabre and have a right laugh doing it.

8. The Pig Farm

Episode 53 takes us to Edinburgh, Scotland to explore Burke and Hare. Their crimes sound like a folktale but rest assured the grimness is all absolutely true. As usual Rachel and Kiri digress from the main topic and this time you'll hear all about sexy dancing, Rachel's opinion on the greatest rock star of all time and Kiri introduces us to Nathan from Tripadvisor. He's worse than the murders. Episode 52 is a bonus episode to celebrate All Killa No Filla's 4th birthday. They've gone with a request and he's not technically a serial killer but if you can't break the rules on your birthday then when can you?

The subject is Ed Gein, a man who inspired a ton of horror films due to his dreadful crimes. He's a crafter as well. There's chat about bad sex and Vince Vaughn too. Unconnected, obviously. Kiri's laugh features heavily and good we say!

It's been the subject of some chat of late but it's here to stay. Vive la Laugh! Episode 51 concerns Peter Tobin who is a real rotter. An abusive partner and serial killer who is also suspected of being responsible for the unsolved Bible John murders. Rachel and Kiri discuss his horrific crimes but also find time to digress into chat about, among other things, randy dogs and sandpits. Rachel also reveals she's banned from Twitter and loses her temper at an imaginary listener.

Episode 50 takes us to Glasgow and the dreadful unsolved crimes of Bible John. All we know is he was a fan of the old religion and moaning at women trying to enjoy their evening in the Barrowland nightclub. Rachel and Kiri go off topic. Yeah, really! They discuss everything from business ideas to animal milk. Something for everyone.

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Episode 49 is recorded as Rachel and Kiri are in Edinburgh for the world famous fringe festival and focuses on Paul John Knowles who was also known as The Casanova Killer. A real wrong-un who didn't have a particular type of victim and probably owned a pleather jacket. It's a brutal one but there's plenty of digressions from the horror as Rachel reveals a bizarre fetish, Kiri explains her hatred of camping and they both reveal just how awful shared dressing rooms are at the Edinburgh Fringe.

They spend most of their time high on drugs, hitch-hiking and inventing their own religion.

List of serial killers in the United States - Wikipedia

It sounds like a gap year but the crimes they commit are absolutely horrific so strap in. As usual Rachel and Kiri go off topic and discuss everything from Uber rides to psychics. You'll also hear Kiri's disgust at Rachel's depressing breakfast. It's totally warranted.

All Killa No Filla

It's the second part of the double Green River Killer episodes and you'll hear all about just how much of a rotter Gary Ridgway was. As usual though the pair digress and chat about everything from their dislike of thong underwear to pulling sickies at work. Kiri also tries to give an update on the teenage pigeon drama and Rachel tells us about her dad and his social media escapades.

Don't expect closure on the pigeon though. Kiri isn't ready to talk. A horrible man who is officially America's most prolific serial killer.

Rachel and Kiri discuss his childhood and pre-murder life and as per, anything else that pops up including Elvis, injured pigeons and gifts from beyond the grave. She's the single mum and wrestler that earned the name The Old Lady Killer by killing a reported 48 female victims. As usual the pair discuss the crimes and anything else that crops up-Poorly rams, 90's popstars and the correct way to say 'scone'. They also have some exciting news for you all.