Haikus For Him ~ Books One and Two

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A shunting steam train in the station A shrill departure whistle "Ma, send me cards with fairies on!

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Nothing else to eat A dining room engraving Of captured Marie Antoinette "Manners, girls, elbows off" Dreams of peacetime Huge pineapples, bananas And endless chocolate bars Cross-legged in the Blue Room Sewing samplers by the fire Stifling a thousand hungers The doctor's fingers gravely Pinch my swollen belly. Orwell Prize for Political Fiction 3, pounds prize, deadline change: postmarked October 31 Visit source.

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Haikus for You's (YIAY #324)

Last Call! While a love for poetry may seem inseparable from a love for words, I feel a special fondness for the poem or quip, or short story that gets the job done while using them—words—sparingly. I like epigrams, miniatures, punch lines, and I keep a sort of mental cabinet of clipped curiosities.

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  • In any case, it must be the shortest successful poem in the language. Here it is in its entirety:. And it does so with—another hallmark of light verse—a polished finish. From a technical standpoint the poem is, I suppose, an absolutely regular trochaic monometric couplet. Surely, the shortest verse in the Bible may be the most affecting.

    Haikus For Him ~ Books One and Two

    The separation referred to may be a literal two years. A single entity—a couple—devolves into a pared, shared falling away. In a mere seventeen syllables, the poem evokes a complex, compromised psychological condition. As we set off from home into the freezing outer world, all sorts of emotional accommodations must be discharged. Concision in its broadest spirit encompasses far more than a stripping of verbiage.

    It clarifies the contours, it revels in the sleek and streamlined. This ignited a personal creative experiment, as Rice began populating his feed with words, all on an app usually reserved for images.

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