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I know he throws a whole lot of silly sounding words around and I was sure one of them was 'discombobulate'. From: myrystyr am UTC Link. From: myrystyr pm UTC Link.

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Yeah, there was a short 'word of the day' piece on the radio, some months back Possibly they named it such on account of how frustrating going through security can be? I wonder if it'll catch on From: laurainlimbo am UTC Link. From: prettygoodword pm UTC Link. It shows in Mark Twain's style that he was trained as an American journalist. I adore many of their remains, including this one.

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Historical Origins of English Words and Phrases. Historical Origins of English Words and Phrases [. Word Archive.

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From: ieke85 pm UTC. From: dgirl am UTC. From: gwoman am UTC.

From: neverreal am UTC. From: myrystyr am UTC. For recuperation, Madam Pomfrey wasn't sure what to prescribe and said you should probably eat lots of — chocolate. The next instance of a character in the play being described as discombobulated is Harry himself.

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Without giving too much away, Albus is in the hospital and Harry, who has been having a difficult time communicating with Albus throughout the play, cannot think of much to say to Albus to comfort him. Discombobulated is an appropriate word in this situation because it reflects and refers to Harry's problem communicating throughout the play.

In this particular scene, Harry is most likely very confused and upset at seeing his child injured at all. Many parents find it difficult to deal with their child's injury, no matter how small. Through discombobulated , you can see one of the major themes of the play — the discombobulating difficulty of being a responsible parent when you still feel like a child yourself, or in Harry's case, when you did not have parents to model yourself after.

The final instance of discombobulation is a much lighter one, and is used to describe a character in the series that many fans would most associate with the word discombobulate — Ron Weasley. Hermione says something to Ron in a slightly threatening tone, and Ron is comically mixed up and made "out of sorts" by it.

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Some of the humor in the Harry Potter series revolves around Ron's awkwardness and the sense that he doesn't quite fit. Always prone to somewhat corny humor and discombobulation, it is not an accident that as an adult, Ron runs a joke shop. What makes J. Rowling's characters so alive that readers are willing to follow them through hundreds upon hundreds of novel pages and now Jack Thorne's play?

Two important aspects of an answer to this question are humor and vibrant description. Humor and vibrant description are essential to building a convincing world and are especially important given the dark, plot-heavy turns the Harry Potter series takes. These facets are crucial because they make the reader care about the characters the author is putting in jeopardy. Too often an author will think that the adventure is enough to captivate the reader. Luckily, J. Rowling and Jack Thorne know that the linguistic details count, too.

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